Mark Twain’s Lemonade

Good Afternoon,

First this image below is from my 1974 “The Illustrated Treasury of Cooking” book. It was also copyrighted in 1967 & 1955 by Random House. So that’s the source.


Now I shared it because who doesn’t need a lemonade recipe? And because I’m kind of addicted to books. If I see an author’s name on something chances are I’m going to share. I wonder though in the back of my mind if it was really his recipe, but either way it is a curiosity.

I’ve only made homemade lemonade like 3 times in my life and it wasn’t that great. I think I got the answer why. The answer is I never made a sugar syrup before. I’m also hoping that while I’m getting over this cold, the lemon will soothe my throat. I want something cold this time.

So I’ll be making a glass of this and later I have some delicious recipes to go with it. I’ll be sharing those photos later. So have a good day and remember if life gives you lemons, make lemonade or something like that…


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